1. the militia is like our U.S. army because they are ready to fight when we need it

2. the intolerable acts were like detention because it was a punishment to the colonists

3. The proclamation of 1763 is like a wall because it seperated two sides of land

4. King George 3 is like our president because he is the leader of the people

5. The townshend acts are like taxes because we have tax on everything

6. Paul Revere is like the news becasuse he lets people know about things

7. The Boston Tea Party is like trashing someone’s things because they both envolve doing something to destroy things

8. Minute Men are like your teachers because they can help support you in a short amount of time

9. The Quartering Act is like your parents because they provide you with shelter and food just like the Act did

10. Revenue is like todays taxes because they give you extra money for your basic needs

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